Dogs & Cats Stranded on the Streets
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Every 8 seconds a dog or cat is put to sleep in an animal shelter.  On average 6 million pets enter animal shelters each year and at least half of those will be euthanized.

What Are We Doing?
Rescuing these victims of neglect and abuse that are found roaming our highways and streets.  They are injured, scared and starving.  Many are in need of immediate medical attention.  We are dedicated to caring for these discarded animals and nursing them back to health so they can be adopted into safe and loving homes.

What Can We Do to Prevent This?
Educate the public about the importance of responsible spay/neuter practices especially in areas where the unwanted pet population is exploding.  Also, provide free spay/neuter services to encourage more people to help reduce the number of animals that are abused and abandoned.

Help us find worthy programs in need of funding.  We are looking for great organizations and people that helping unwanted dogs and cats in their local communities.  Nominate a charity.
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